DnS Gaming

Complex made Simple


Modular Weapons

This comprises of a few diffrent 3D model packs, made to be easy to use in a oh so many ways.

What we're about

  • We are a small team of highly motivated people, who strongly enjoy the creative and problem solving process. Our mission statement is to help other Developers & Artists be as productive as possible, by taking out as much of the tedium needed for modern development out. Allowing for more time to be creative or find inspiration. Lets all create together!
  • Simplicity

    We aim to take complicated wrokflows, and make them easy to implent for even the most novice of people.


    Everything we plan on making is made to be as versitle as possible, this makes it easy to merge into any project.


    We do not intend on tying ourselves down to one type of asset, or even necessarily assets. Who knows where inspiration will take us. Lets find out!